What’s the POP?

dr maggie chiro Chiropractic pop

Chiropractic is crack a’ lackin’ good times—literally. Most patients hear a noise like a pop or crack when they receive manual chiropractic treatments. I always make a point to tell any new patient I’m treating that the “pop” they might hear with a chiropractic adjustment is not their bones breaking—that I’m not Jackie Chan or…

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Why is pain a thing?

dr maggie chiro Chiropractic

Pain is our bodies’ way of saying something’s wrong. Think the Genie in Disney’s Aladdin when he’s rescuing Aladdin from the bottom of the sea—Genie transforms into a submarine, blaring his sirens as he rushes the wannabe prince up to the surface. AROOOOOGA!!! When something irritates the nerve endings (this input occurs through physical or…

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