Recovering from an accident

No one wants to get into a car accident, but unfortunately, especially here in the Atlanta area, it’s a reality of life. You don’t have to suffer with the resulting back or neck pain that comes from such a trauma, however. Being proactive about your recovery by coming into The Chiropractic Center of Marietta will help you feel better quicker by getting your body to remember its normal biomechanical movements and actions. We’ll talk over your trauma and the resulting discomforts, go through an examination that includes motion palpation of the spine, orthopedic tests, and x-rays if warranted, and provide you with gentle physiotherapeutic techniques and chiropractic adjustments to get you feeling back to normal, if not better than before the accident. Make sure you call (770)422-9288 to book an appointment with Dr. Maggie Sliwka.


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